burned bridges, deserts, and sparkly glitter


it’s a lent reflection day.  i’m doing this lent study titled ashes to fire.   it includes a musical cd.  i’ll admit to you all, i hadn’t listen to the music cd in the back of the book because i assumed it would be depressing and awful.  but, i now confess i gave it an ear yesterday morning and the song “god of the ruins” by nick robertson is powerful and amazing.  seriously, it’s wonderful check it out in itunes

 the opening words paint the picture for lent

i thought i burned all my bridges, there was no way to return.  figured i spent all my wishes, on prayers nobody heard.  under the rubble, the questions and doubt, i called for you God.  God of the ruins, God of what’s next, God of missed chances, God of the not yet.

who hasn’t burned bridges in their lifetime?  most of the bridges i burnt were for the benefit of the world’s possessions and relationships.  as ephesians 2 mentions, i was dead to the riches of God caught up in my ways and sins. i was following the ways of this world. i was filling my cravings with things that filled the desires of greed, envy, pride, lust…you know those 7 deadly sins.  i love this line is ephesians ” i was by nature an object of wrath.”  my hunger was for things that didn’t satisfy but only wounded me, and caused me to lash out at the world.

the words of isaiah 35 paint this picture of how i feel now.

the desert and the parched land will be glad;

the wilderness will rejoice and blossom,

like the crocus, it will burst into bloom

it will rejoice greatly and shout for joy


i accepted Jesus on february 3, 1984 on my 13th birthday.  between that day and today, i was sure i burnt every bridge back to him with my stubbornness. at 29, i had my aha, he is the God of the ruins, God of what’s next, God of missed chances, God of the not yet.  and now i am more than a crocus in the dry, parched broken ground of the desert.

as my dear friend, heather eure told me yesterday, “i am more valuable than all the sparkly glitter.”  my bridges have not been burned back to him.  he is my God of what’s next (my favorite line).  his love makes me sparkle like glitter.

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