Shrinky Dink Faith

Did you ever do Shrinky Dinks when you were a kid?  My friends and I loved them.  You would take this large piece of transparent magical paper draw your own design or fill in one they had created.  When you had it finished you would cut around the edges, place it on a cookie sheet, and *gasp* in wonder in delight as the heat of the oven shrunk your creation.

Reading my lenten study this week, I can’t help but see in this world we have a Shrinky Dink faith.  We perhaps live a life that is large and colorful trying to follow Jesus, just as the early followers did.  The early followers celebrated Jesus with cheers and chants.  It was as if every town Jesus rolled into was having a private parade of celebration.  And the faith of his followers seemed so large.

Shrinky dinks though aren’t known for keeping their regular size.  No, when put under the pressure of heat; they curl, fold, and become reduced in size.  The end up just a small example of what once was larger.

Followers of Jesus often see their faith take on the same change.  What seems large, vibrant, and colorful can be reduced by the heat and pressure of the world.  This aggressive world, that wants to push aside relationship for the consumer ways of instant gratification can trigger a curling and folding up of our faith.  The more the world heats up around us with temptation our faith can be shrunk.  Ending up as just a tiny replica of what we once had on display to the world.

My faith has had Shrinky Dink moments.  I know the faith of my daughters will have those moments.  But what is awesome to me is that the Holy Spirits work is never finished.  He enters back in transparent and full and begins his work a fresh to help me design a new place in my faith.

May you take the time today to release yourself from the pressures and heat this world is adding to your life.   Instead, do something that helps you to fill in your relationship with Jesus.  Read the Word, worship loudly to your stereo, sing him praises of your own, or just admit to him the places you have curled or folded to the pressure.  May his peace fill you up.