Creativity causes Double Vision

oh friday, i need more of you in my week.  i love friday because i get to share creative things with you that i have been making.  this project might have you feeling like you have double vision, but don’t worry it’s just temporary.  so grab your favorite beverage and let’s get to know one another better.

in january, i was chillin at the anglican missions in america  i had gone down the the gift shop in the lobby to pick up a few snacks when this magazine caught my eye. 

my twin sister’s and my birthday was coming up in february and as i looked at the magazine i thought there is something that can be created with that periodical.  so i started thinking about all the pictures that have taken about of the two of us over the years by our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and extended family and went on a photo hunt.

after finding the pictures and some stories along the way i got to work.  i pulled out my paper cutter, invested in a lot of double sided tape, and  made color copies of all the original photos.  then i carefully began covering the pictures in the magazine with our photos.  this is how it turned out with a few tall tales from the family.  i hope you enjoy today’s creative double vision piece as much as my sister did when she received it finally this week.

this was the start of the article.  i carefully cut around our pictures to replace the two girls who had been there.  these are two of the few pictures that actually were labeled by my grandma.  dawn, me, is on the left with the pink phone and dusk is on the right with the blue.  the funny thing about this is that our family is heavily involved with the phone company.  our grandma was an operator until she retired. (she used those cool cords where she actually connected callers.  and you actually talked to the operator). grandpa on my mom’s side worked for the phone company.  my dad has worked at the phone company for 43 years.  and now dusk works for at&t.

double vision

this is one of those pictures no one knows which one is which.  i would tell you it’s the same girl with her hair pulled in front once and over her shoulders the next time. my grandma esther made these dresses.  she has mad sewing and quilting skills i never could master.

hey thad, your a big brother with double the pleasure. aren't they cute?

my brother was an only child for only 16 months.  i think he got more than he wanted when we came along.  if you ask him his whole life has been about the twins.  it’s hard when your the only single birthed child.  you think that would make him feel special.

i love the picture on the bike.  we matched all the way down to the shoes.  most of our lives we wore matching clothes.  even today we live in completely different time zones but will be dressed in similar items when we see each other.

our mom was the president of the mother’s of twins club multiple years.  that’s probably because she had multiple sets of multiples.  (i’m sure all the work it took to take care of 5 kids made her feel presidential)  this was our old woman in the shoe float.  get it?  she had so many children ( sets of twins) she didn’t know what to do.  we are the two in the yellow jackets out front.  it’s important to dress children in matching bright clothes to be able to locate later.

my mom also rented my sister and i out for weddings i think?  she says she didn’t.  but hey! that would of been a great way to make a little money on the side for a young couple.  here are a few of our wedding looks.

i don't know this lady. she's supposedly my mom's friend

this was a hot wedding.  we weren’t melting in this picture.

a cousins wedding (so they tell us)

our aunt heidi's wedding and aunt denise's wedding

we were in a lot of weddings as flower girls, candle lighters, matching greeters, and brides maids.  look at all that fashion.

on the left is our extended family on my mom's side. on the right is the start of my parents little family. who would guess it would end up at 12 kids?

i love that my grandma shared this old picture of her side of the family.  i didn’t know the woman on the bottom step but come to find out.  that’s grandma’s daddy’s, twin sister, edna.  she was so excited there were twins again after two generations.  little did she know that it woudn’t be long before my parents had the second set of boy and girl

this was mom and dad before the second set. they look like they have it all under control.

you would think two wild and crazy kids would stop.  especially when there was wild behavior and knock outs from time to time.

no mater what though we have always had one another to lean on.

my sister means more to me than she knows.  she is my rock, my protector, my creative counterpart, my dreamer, my soul mate.  when they found her brain mass this last year it was scary to think of life with out her being all those things.  but God is good and putting together this little creative book of our story was a way to celebrate our lives together.

here’s to you sis and many more years and photos to come.