tru that!

my husband says,”i work under the assumption that people know what i’m talking about most the time.”   he also pointed out that i can have like 30 different topics in a 5 minute period.  (it’s no wonder i lose a few people and thoughts along the way).  today though, i’m talking about one of my favorite topics ‘spiritual formation in the family’ with a little thing called tru. (thanks

there are several things that i hold very dear

  1. my relationship with God
  2. my relationship with my husband
  3. my relationship with my daughters
  4. my relationship with my faith community

can i hear a few “tru that” (it’s slang for- i’m with you) from others who hold these things as a priority?  i have been blessed to get to work with some pretty cool people at david c cook, rock harbor church (where tru is written), and family ministry leaders across the country.  and the things i listed above reflect our focus to inspire. equip. and support the spiritual formation of the family.  ( i want that for me, but i also want it for every family i meet in my work)

so… david c cook is encouraging us to find our tribe.  (revisit my blog about my tribe if you need more clarification )  basically, this is finding people who connect with your heart’s passion.  and last week, i did just that at christ church anglican.  i hosted a little get together for tru leaders across kansas and missouri.  (it was loads of basketball and tru fun)

shh...tru tribe dreaming of more

i love hosting so i had a bit of a ncaa basketball theme with snacks, attire, and signage along the way.

recognize these candy bars from the invite? we hit a payday as we zero-ed in on what is working with TRU

i decorated the hallway with locker room attire

glenn "dr. sonic" from Colonial Presbyterian church wins for best dressed. way to rock chalk KU all the way to the big dance.

name tags made it easier to give my dick vitale announcement schtick.

during our warm ups we shared a little about ourselves and our positions.  then we decided to talk about our 3-pt downtown money moments with ‘tru‘.  our tribe teammate from olathe bible rallied us around the celebration lessons for ‘tru wonder’ and ‘tru story’.  people were yelling out from the cheap seats how they love the what’s it boxes!  how using concrete objects engages the kids to focus on God and recall the story.  i tell you celebration lessons are a 3-pt moment from downtown.  a moneymaker from half court.  a christian laettner game sealer. (tru that)

cynthia, from colonial prez (see the way i made presbyterian cool with a z?) started a full court press move with her conversation on the holy spirit having room to move and work in the hearts of kids at the prayer/response stations.  i thought the bench was going to be cleared as people started sharing how they are seeing kids engage with the Big God Story and the holy spirit during response time.  we shared about our stations.  we heard how one church used road signs like “GO” serve, “One Way” to the cross, “Yield” your choices, “Stop” pray, and “U-turn” towards God.  (did you know you can order your own road signs? now i do.) ann taylor gave a stunning halftime interview when she shared, “these stations are guiding the kids to pause…listen…be silent and through the holy spirit know God is alive and can have a relationship with each of them right now.” (tru that!)

we shared about how kids are seeing their place in God’s Big Story and wanting to share.  the idea of a journal being used to “chronicle your God story” made every one stand up and wave their pom-poms and rally rags!  it’s not about our story, but about God’s.  and we see our kids getting into that story and learning his play book so they can be part of his team.  (if you haven’t heard the big god story check this out.  this is what our kids are discovering with “tru”)

wow!  the crowd was going wild in that little room.  i didn’t know if we had it in us to go into overtime sharing about families and how spiritual formation is beginning to take shape.  but “skillz”, libby skillman, from liberty christian fellowship shared how she brought the parents from the stands and into the game.  they had just finished the spiritual parenting course and she was giving out MVP awards to families left and right. (tru that!)

she shared about how they had dad’s saying, “i don’t know how to do this (spiritually lead their children).  i have to trust that God is going to do it.”  and two weeks later that dad was team captain  sharing his game changing moment.  she told us she had created some extra practice skills for her families and is willing to share. (tru that!) most of all she is uping her game and asking parents to up theirs, too.

all in all we discovered we are on a winning team with God!  he has the eternal game book.  tru is giving us tools to bring children and families into the game.  i love my tru tribe.