confession. i’m no mini-martha stewart

Today’s Friday!  Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!

Yep, I”m singing in celebration of creative Friday’s.  I’m hitting notes here in Kansas that make dogs run away!


before I dive into my create for this week i have to show you my new calendar/organizer.  martha stewart is trying to entice me into organization with pretty things.  honestly, it’s kind of working.  i have this avoidance to writing things down even in pencil.  if i saw someone professionally for this organizational problem they would probably say,”by not writing it down you think you can avoid it.  or you don’t write things down so that you can change your mind.”  truth is i have horrible handwriting.  just because i write it down doesn’t mean i can read what i’m suppose to be doing.

anyway, shouts out today to martha stewart and her organizer let’s see if she can make a difference.

i don’t do plants and flowers.  martha might want to help me with that also.  i have this bed of dirt in the front of my house.  i decided this is the year it was going to receive a little attention from these non-gardening hands.  so, i laid out my five year plan with my gardening crazed neighbor and friend, moni.

my five year plan

year 1– fill in with dirt

dirt. check year one complete

check. dirt delivered by my friend martha long and shoveled into all the right places.  i can clearly put a check by year one on my goal sheet for flowers and plants.

year 2–think about adding flowers for the neighbors to admire

year 3–plant flowers for the neighbors to admire from their front porch

i jumped to year 3 already and planted

i don't know what they are but let's call them pretty

year 4– possibly weed and feed.

year 5– give up and resign myself that flowers and plants are where martha wins.

but look at me out of control jumping to year 3 already.  i guess it took only about 5  people showing up and guiding me in this creative adventure.  first, they brought me the dirt and handed me a shovel to get it out of the truck.  then my daughter and i went to the home depot and creatively selected flowers based on a whim.  we brought them home where 3 neighbors came and gave opinions on their final positions.  (there are even bigger things hidden under the dirt.  they tell me they will grow)  i feel creative today because i’ve had my hands in the dirt.  i’ve been coloring with purples, brown, pinks, blues, and greens in the front yard.

look how pretty it looks now

i give thanks for all who recognize i am not martha stewart in the yard, but want me to discover the inner dawn who can be at peace with plants.  i give praise to God for the beauty of flowers.  and special thanks this rainy day that i don’t have to go out and water them. (my neighbor is keeping a close eye on whether i’m caring for the plants properly.)  may you see beauty all around you in nature today.  may the flowers raise up a little today and give you a bit of joy.

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