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Modeling in a Modern Day Moab

It’s been too long since I have just written a blog for my site.  This is something that is going to change. I have been writing 3 blogs a month this last year… Continue reading

Hair Stylest, Chauffer, and Warrior

It’s not even father’s day and I have to brag about my man!  He is a father of many titles and many roles which he does with great love. I am a pretty… Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons our Kids Leave Church

It’s not that our students “got smarter” when they left home, rather someone actually treated them as intelligent. Rather than dumbing down the message, the agnostics and atheists treat our youth as intelligent… Continue reading

Full of It

“Jesus, made a way. … a way for us to experience forgiveness, a way to be in the perfect relationship with the Father, but most of all a way for us to know… Continue reading

Sex Talk Time

This title seems a little awkward, but so necessary.  As the family and children’s ministry director at my church this is probably the most awkward conversation to try in engage families in, and… Continue reading

Broken Record- Literally

I had spent days in my room carefully cutting each of the Rescuer characters from the cover of my Disney album.  I had even created a way for the albatross bird to fly from one… Continue reading

VBS Sites Uniquely Experience God’s Power

Thanks to the Anglican Mission in America the good news of GO BIG VBS is spreading. July 26, 2012 On June 17, Christ Church Overland Park in Overland Park, Kansas, gathered for its… Continue reading

the old man

my grandpa dw’s walk with his second generation hips and knees (rebuilt twice)  would tell you that he is an old man.  but listening to his voice as he tells a story he… Continue reading

what’s happening?

the phone rang.  caller id showed it wasn’t a typical caller.  in fact, the person had never made a call to my home before, but curiosity got the best of me and i… Continue reading

creative friday is growing

i wish i could say we are growing more friday’s. instead we are growing things in my first ever raised herb and veggie garden.  my girls have begged for the last five years… Continue reading