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THE Watchman

14 Years. 4,745 Days.  113,880 Hours.  6, 832,800 Minutes.  409,968,000 Seconds.  These are the measures of time for my watch over my eldest daughter.  The most wonderful time of watch in my life.… Continue reading

TRU Life: My Journeys

Four years ago, I was invited to partner with David C Cook publishing and leaders across the country on a family curriculum, called TRU.  I could have never imagined how much this partnership… Continue reading

Creative Friday Piecing It Together

One of my love languages is gifts.  I love creating, baking, or giving people little gifts that reflect that I know them and care for them.   It brings me joy to spoil… Continue reading

The Big God Story

when i was young, i spent week after week in sunday school trying to learn God’s story.  the lessons and stories felt like a 500 piece puzzle.  the characters and the pieces of… Continue reading

VBS Sites Uniquely Experience God’s Power

Thanks to the Anglican Mission in America the good news of GO BIG VBS is spreading. July 26, 2012 On June 17, Christ Church Overland Park in Overland Park, Kansas, gathered for its… Continue reading

Dreaming of More

Inspired.  Faithful.  Courageous.  Bold.  A Dreamer.  “Name five words to describe how you feel after reading Dreaming of More by Michelle Anthony?” What a wonderful, rich, encouraging resource for ministry leaders.  This book… Continue reading

dinner an obstacle course

our bella makes every meal an obstacle course with food, and she is a sly one. you won’t catch her using the same route around food twice.  so we had to help bella… Continue reading